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Residential Electrical Repair Service And Upgrades Florham Park NJ


Every home has electronics and appliances that are used on the daily and their electrical fittings and wirings are important elements for them to work effectively and efficiently. It’s easy for us to press a button or switch and expect lights to be powered on, air conditioning and refrigerator working well. Of course, there are some inner workings responsible for that. Wrong wiring or use of fittings not up to standard could be hazardous and cost money for a replacement.

At Bloomfield Cooling, Heating, and Electric Inc. all safety standards are adhered to by our licensed and certified electricians who know and understand all codes and permits to be obtained, guiding electrical works in Florham Park NJ.
Do it yourself shows are made to make electrical works in the house look simple and easy but it takes a licensed electrician to properly do the wiring for safety purposes. Wrong or improper wiring or fittings can cause power outages as a result of load fluctuation and power surges in the home. Employing the services of a licensed company such as ours assures you that the work will be done safely.

We are well experienced and in position for any capacity of electrical jobs, both small and complex. For either small circuit breakers to complex electrical installations and fittings, our services are available and at quality service.

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Bloomfield Cooling, Heating, and Electric Inc. is a family owned business fully insured, experienced with appropriate certifications to offer all forms of residential electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance. These services have been provided in Northern New Jersey since 1988 including Florham Park NJ.

Our quality service has earned us multiple referrals from satisfied customers who find us trustworthy. Our awards also as been a testimonial of our prompt service delivery (Super Service Award & Best of Essex Readers Choice awards). All electrical works in residential homes including circuit breakers, standby generators to lighting are being done by us. Our services by our technicians are top notch with conformity to ISO & IEEE standards and certifications.
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