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From our best-in-class HVAC equipment to the finest installation and service personnel, Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric, Inc. keeps people and places warm in the winter and cool in the summer with the best heating and cooling systems available. We’ll upgrade your outdated heating and air conditioning to an energy-efficient system that will save you money on your utility bills. Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric is an authorized dealer of top-quality Carrier heating and cooling units. In addition, as a Generac Elite generator sales and service provider, we also make sure that our residential customers are never without power. Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric offers installation services for new heating and air conditioning systems as well as gas conversions; our technicians can also extend the life of an existing air conditioning system or add humidification to your existing gas heat system.

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Our flexible maintenance plans are designed to handle your routine maintenance and repairs for equipment that we install as well as for your existing system.Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric serves customers throughout Bergen, Passaic, Hudson and Essex counties in northern New Jersey and is at the top of our field in business referrals from our satisfied customers. Our superior service earns us high marks from our customers; in fact, we’ve won the Superior Service Award from Angie’s List multiple times. For a consultation about your residential or commercial climate control needs, or to discuss installation of a generator to avoid disruption during power outages, call or email us today.


Air conditioning enters the modern age:

Electricity and Nikola Tesla's development of alternating current motors made the invention of oscillating fans possible in the early 20th century. The big break came in 1902 when Willis Carrier, then only 25 years old, invented the first modern air-conditioning system. The mechanical unit sent air through water-cooled coils. However, the young engineer's invention was designed not for the home but to control humidity in the printing plant where he worked.

Twenty years later, Carrier invented the centrifugal chiller, which added a central compressor to reduce the unit's size; it was introduced to the public on Memorial Day weekend in 1925, with its debut at the Rivoli Theater in Times Square. For years afterward, people piled into air-conditioned movie theaters on hot summer days (ushering in the summer blockbuster movie!).

In the 1930s, air conditioning spread to department stores, rail cars, and offices, which vastly improved workers' summer productivity since they no longer had to solely rely on breezes from central courtyards and wide-open windows.
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More early air conditioning history:

Hand fans were popular in China millennia ago, and a hand-operated rotary fan was built by a second-century Chinese inventor. Architects in the Middle East began facing windows away from the sun to keep rooms cool and wind towers were added to larger buildings to circulate breezes.

As the world emerged from the Dark and Middle Ages, through the Renaissance and into the Industrial Revolution, the luxury of home cooling resurfaced. In the1800s, American engineers began to tackle the problem that had been left behind in ancient Rome. For example, in 1881, President James Garfield, who was on his deathbed in sweltering summer heat in Washington, D.C., was cooled by a device that blew air through cotton sheets doused in ice water. This was not energy efficient given the ice-in-summer scenario (as the ancient Romans had discovered). The president's caretakers reportedly went through half a million pounds of ice in two months!
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Thank the ancient Romans for their initial attempts to control indoor temperatures. Wealthy citizens leveraged Rome's remarkable aqueduct system to circulate cool water through the walls of their homes. Pretty ingenious! Then, in the third century, Emperor Elagabalus ramped up cooling efforts by building a mountain of snow (brought down from the mountains) in the garden next to his villa to keep cool during the summer. Obviously, the snow was going to melt in the summer heat and it took a lot of donkeys to bring down the snow, but look where we are today! ... See MoreSee Less

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We are into a three-day heat wave in New Jersey. Stay safe, stay cool, stay hydrated, everyone! It's important not to tax yourself outdoors during extreme heat. Your HVAC system also needs to avoid overworking so that it can keep your home cool; we recommend keeping the thermostat set at a comfortable temperature, but not too low (so that you don't "refrigerate" your home's interior). ... See MoreSee Less

Time to run the #airconditioner - and time to make sure your home #cooling system is running efficiently.

Here are some tips to make it easy on your #HVAC unit and easy on your checkbook.

1 - Keep the area around your outdoor unit clear of any dirt and debris to avoid any clogging.

2 - Check your indoor vents to ensure there is nothing stuck or blocking them. You should vacuum them occasionally to clear out dust and dirt that can disrupt air flow.

3 - Make sure all the ductwork is properly insulated and that there are no leaks.

4 - Be kind to your thermostat -- keep appliances or lamps (which throw off heat) at a distance. Otherwise the thermostat will think it's warmer in the room that it really is and keep the air conditioning running needlessly.

5 - Speaking of the thermostat, try increasing the temperature at which you set it by a few degrees. Your system will not have to work as hard as it will avoid big spikes in indoor temperature.

6 - Closing blinds/curtains/shades during the hottest times of day also keeps the ambient temperature down a bit.

7 -- If you have to use heat-producing appliances such as the oven or clothes dryer, try to do this during early morning or evening hours when it is cooler (don't run them during the hottest part of the day).
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We are proud to share another great review we received earlier this month (and of course, we are so very proud of our techinicians, Justin & Joe!):

Justin Acosta repaired our central AC on 6/1 - did an excellent job - 5 Star rating

Joe Riccobono serviced our central AC on 6/4 - did an excellent job - 5 Star rating.

Both of these gentlemen are very professional and courteous - a credit to your company! Thanks for the excellent service.
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We are very happy & pleased with your work. The salesman Eric was very knowledgeable, and he was happy to explain the work that was to be done and the use of the new thermostat. We would certainly refer them to anyone needing this type of service.

-Carol, Belleville, NJ

The technicians were extremely CLEAN, POLITE, PROFESSIONAL and NEAT! I would highly recommend them to everyone.

-Alan, Verona, NJ

Bloomfield Cooling & Heating did a highly professional installation, combined with outstanding expertise and courteous service.

-Charles, Nutley, NJ

Very nice to have the job completed in one day. The workers arrived early, stayed all day, and cleaned up. Very satisfied.

-Carol & David, Bloomfield, NJ

Staff was polite and friendly. I enjoyed having them work in my home. Excellent representatives of the Carrier line.

-Dan, Montclair, NJ

They did what I would call a terrific job, and all really nice guys! I would recommend them to anyone.

-Terry, Livingston, NJ

Excellent, professional, and highly skilled service. They come highly recommended.

-Carol, Wayne, NJ

When Eric came to estimate the job, it was clear he would recommend the best manufacturer and unit for our home. We are very, very happy with our new system and the professionalism of Bloomfield Cooling & Heating.

-Laura, Upper Montclair, NJ

The foreman was extremely knowledgeable and thoroughly explained how to work the heat and A/C. He took his time and made sure we understood everything. There should be more like him!

-James, Clifton, NJ

Everyone was extremely informative, polite, and helpful. They worked very hard to make my experience exceptional. The contractor they used to do a sheetrock patch also did a great job. Thank you!

-Janet, Verona, NJ

Always courteous and prompt, your technicians are very good!

-Jack, Florham Park, NJ

A professional, well run organization, from the initial assessment followed by the telephone calls from the office, and the installation, as well as the electricians! Outstanding job by all! Thank you!!!

-Marge, Livingston, NJ

Very pleased with the professional manner and workmanship. The guys worked well together. Would recommend to potential customers.

-Joe, Little Falls, NJ

The dealer was fabulous, creative, even during the installation and did a job that far exceeded our expectations.

-Henry, Caldwell, NJ

Fantastic experience. The work was done as promised and the dealer promptly addressed our concerns and questions.

-James, North Caldwell, NJ

During the estimate for the replacement of my heating and cooling systems, Mike did not try to oversell on options that were not necessary and answered all of our questions to our satisfaction...

-Dan, Lyndhurst, NJ

Jack and Candace are an amazing team! I cannot say more thankful things about the Bloomfield team, they masterfully handled our 1926 homes' conversion from oil to gas-- they were able to keep our radiators and we are so thankful! The whole team was incredibly professional and kind.

- Kate Mack

I've been using Bloomfield Cooling and Heating since owning a home in Essex County. They have always been courteous, professional, and dependable. I've had my HVAC system serviced every Spring and Fall for several years now and have always had a positive experience.

- Danna Abate

I have a club membership with Bloomfield and I have to say it is totally worth the money. Every spring and fall I get a call to set up my maintenance that is included in my plan. The staff is courteous and knowledgeable.

- Bria Mack

I have been a customer of Bloomfield Cooling and Heating for the last 3 or 4 years …. they are a GREAT company with Great people… from the boss Mike De Joseph .. who did a terrific job checking out my house to see what type and size of a heating/cooling system I would need…

- Andrew Sandel

This was the first time I had to replace my heating and cooling system. I did a ton of research. I called 4 places for quotes. The ones that did get back to me couldn't be bothered answering all my questions or the person who could never called me back. Then there's Bloomfield...

- David Axelrod

Bloomfield installed a ductless heating and cooling system on the second floor of my Cape Cod style home. Their estimate was very competitive and their workers went above and beyond to complete the project in one day (initially estimated two days)...

- Lee VH

We hired Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric to do the electrical work as part of two bathroom renovations in our home. I am a hands-on homeowner and our home has undergone the routine repairs and maintenance, and construction over the years...

- Eleanor Shih, Saddle River, NJ

I had been having a problem with my fan and compressor on my existing A/C unit and decided not to chance it anymore. I received several quotes for a new unit and Bloomfield gave me the best price, which included a higher seer unit allowing a rebate...

- Peter D'Angelo

I recently used Bloomfield Cooling & Heating to service both my central air conditioning unit and my steam boiler. On both occasions, they were professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Their prices are also reasonable...

- Barbara Lawrence

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and had a long talk with the owner of Bloomfield Cooling heating electric. Left that evening feeling like he's one of the few good guys left in this world. Cheers to a fellow HSG!

John Calafato