Gas Conversion

Oil to Gas Conversion

The price of heating oil fluctuates wildly and older oil furnaces require specific annual maintenance that really adds up. Add to that the concerns about underground oil tanks and the move to natural gas is, well, a natural.

If you had your fill of oil’s costs and problems, now’s the time to let Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric convert your old oil system to a clean, efficient natural gas system. We install warm air furnaces, steam boilers and hot water boilers, and take care of removing your old oil burner. Our staff knows that this type of job can be messy and our installers take all precautions to keep your home clean, from wearing special shoe covers to avoid tracking debris to doing a thorough clean up after the work is completed.

Benefits of natural gas

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Because the combustion process for natural gas is almost perfect, very few byproducts are emitted into the atmosphere as pollutants. Also, with the introduction of new technologies, nitrogen oxide, a pollutant targeted by the Clean Air Act, can be significantly reduced. You save on electricity costs as well since you don’t need an electricity-consuming oil burner to run your natural gas heating system.

With gas heat you’ll get:

  • greater price stability,
  • quieter equipment,
  • Fewer service calls and repairs
  • No worry about oil spills

Contact us for a free estimate on replacing your oil system. Our sales staff will go over all the necessary steps to get you on your way to a new gas furnace.

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