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No electrical repair job is too small for us! We are a fully licensed and insured electrical repair contracting company offering residential electrical services to both large and small properties in Franklin Lakes NJ, and the entire Essex County NJ, for decades now.
We have a servicing team that consists of flexible, responsive, courteous and more knowledgeable professional electricians who are passionate about their trade and value our customers.

All our staff members are always committed in performing electrical installations, repairs and services with priorities accorded to client’s home comfort, safety and the client’s overall satisfaction.

Our practical and experienced approach to different types of electrical repairs and services regardless of the project size differentiates us from our local competitors. Since our aim is to satisfy all our customers, our technicians always promptly respond to each and every emergency in a very short amount of time.
We are committed to do every job according to the municipal regulations and at a very high standard.

Top Electrical Repair Service Contractors Franklin Lakes NJ

For many years, we have been considered among the best electrical contractors in Franklin Lakes NJ. Accurate customer ratings have ranked as the number one quality company that offers residential electrical services within the Northern New Jersey area. So if you are searching for an electrical service company who guarantees the highest quality and customer satisfaction on each and every job.

Insured and fully licensed residential electrical contracting company, we only employ highly skilled and qualified technicians and those meeting the standards that the regulators in the field have set. Our wide range of electrical services includes electrical upgrades, surge protectors installation, and electrical wiring systems. You can also rely on us to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, electrical baseboard heaters, and security cameras and motion lighting. Whenever you need electrical service in Franklin Lakes NJ, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us. We are experts who are always ready to install and to repair anything electrical.

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