Residential Electrical Repairs Morris Plains NJ

Residential Electrical Repair Service And Upgrades Morris Plains NJ


Electricity is such a common part of life that we tend to take it for granted. When we need electrical appliances we just put our finger on a switch and press. Magically, whatever we wanted to happen, does. The problem is electrical services are so prevalent we may not be aware of safety issues if wiring is not standard quality or installed improperly. This can create a safety hazard. At the very least, if wiring or devices fail we may be looking at hundreds of dollars or more in repair.

If you need the services of Bloomfield Cooling, Heating and Electric Inc., you can rest assured all of our technicians have the required licenses and all of our work follows city and state safety standards. There are inspectors and codes in our local community and in the surrounding towns to ensure electrical work is done properly for your safety. This includes checking for needed permits at your local City Hall to ensure every electrical job complies with all existing regulations.

If you watch any of the do-it-yourself television shows, you may think working around electrical wiring is a no-brainer—that anyone can do it. The reality is only licensed electricians know for certain the way to connect safely electrical current and ground wires. If fittings are installed incorrectly they can cause shortages or even power outages. Even lesser problems can lead to fluctuations or surges in the power in your home that may damage sensitive electrical equipment. By hiring a licensed company with a good reputation and required insurance, you can be assured work will be done properly and meet all codes.

It does not matter whether your job involves major rewiring/upgrades or something as simple as installing a circuit breaker. Bloomfield Cooling, Heating and Electric Company Inc. has experience in all these areas. Whether you need large electrical components, lighting, security cameras or any other electrical service in your home, we promise you the very best work

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Our company, owned by the same family since it was established in 1988, has the licensing, insurance and certification to let us take care of any type of residential electrical service and installations you need. Bloomfield Cooling, Heating and Electric Inc. serves northern New Jersey regions as well as towns in that area and “The Morris Plains.”

The best measure of a reliable company is referrals from clients. We are proud we have received so many testimonials from families and friends of those for whom we have worked. You can see many of these on our website. The main reason we have been so successful is these people who give us referrals plus the commitment we make to our customers and the quality of our work. We have received awards such as the Super Service Award (Angie’s list, for the past 10 years) and the Suburban Essex Magazine “Best of Essex Reader’s Choice Award” for two years now.

We can take care of any problems you encounter from residential electric systems. We specialize in services such as circuit breakers, electrical upgrades, generators for standby power, smoke detector installation, any and all kinds of lighting, older style knob and tube wiring and electrical baseboard heating. Our work conforms to ISO and IEEE standards. Our technicians will ensure you get top drawer professional electrical work in every case. Please call us at 973–237-5052 to schedule service or just to get some additional information.

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