Get cleaner air in Belleville, New Jersey

Do you want to improve the air quality in your Belleville, NJ home?

Dirt and dust in the air in your home can cause allergies and respiratory irritation.  When you have a newer HVAC system installed, there’s no need to put up with that. Give us a call today and we will provide air quality solutions for your home.


Whole Home Air Purifiers

Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric sells, installs and services the Carrier Infinity® and Bryant Evolution™ whole-home air purifiers. They capture and kill airborne mold spores and other toxins as small as .01 microns—including coronavirus. In fact, these premium air filtration solutions have been proven to inactivate 99% of coronavirus and other select captured viruses and bacteria trapped in the filter.* These high-performance whole home air purifiers are simple and convenient to use; just replace the removable media once or twice a year.

Air Filtration Solutions

We offer other superior air filtration solutions based on your needs and budget.

    • Performance Series Electronic Air Cleaner – Carrier’s electronic air cleaner traps airborne particles that are more than 600 times smaller than the point of a pin. This extra-effective air cleaning option is easily more efficient than media-type filters at both cleaning the air and allowing proper airflow.
    • Comfort Series Media Filters – Carrier’s most affordable solution provides better filtration than standard furnace filters with more convenience. Simply remove and replace the filter cartridge one or two times per year.

Have questions about these Carrier air filtration products? Just give us a call to review your options.

We offer a few different solutions to ensure the air quality in your home stays clean. Click below to see each model we offer and read the benefits of each.

• iWave Air Purifier

• Blue-Tube UV

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