Winter Storm Preparedness: Winterize Your Home


We never know how many storms to expect in any given year, but one thing is for sure we will see snow, ice and freezing temperatures at some point.  Therefore it is important that we are prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management recommends you prepare by winterizing your home.

  1. Make sure that you have Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric perform an annual maintenance on your heating system to ensure it works for you no matter the weather conditions.
  2. Ensure that your fireplace or stove has been cleaned, and have the flue checked.
  3. Be sure to insulate your home. Don’t skimp on attics and basements.
  4. Caulk doors and windows to prevent drafts.
  5. Install plastic or storm windows to provide an added layer of insulation.
  6. Protect Pipes from freezing by wrapping them in insulation.  In the event that a pipe bursts, make sure you know how to turn off the water valve.
  7. Have a plumber inspect and flush your water heater.
  8. Clean gutters to prevent leaks
  9. Branches are a hazard.  Make sure to trim back any tree branches that are in danger of falling onto your house.
  10. Ensure Carbon Monoxide detectors and fire alarms have fresh batteries.




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