Protection from Overflow or Flooding of your Air Conditioning System


CeilingLeakYour Air Conditioning System is designed to remove moisture from the air making your home more bearable on hot, humid days.  The moisture is removed and needs to be discharged from the AC System.

Unfortunately, as we all know, circumstances can change rapidly.

The normal drain lines shifting water out of your home can become clogged.  This is why properly maintained and installed Air Conditioning systems have an overflow drain and an overflow pan. If the primary line gets clogged, then you should see water dripping from the overflow drain.

Most people don’t know that dripping is an indicator of a problem, they just think because it is hot the Air Conditioning is producing condensation.   Without anywhere to escape this water will build up and should collect in the overflow pan.  But if you keep your Air Conditioning running, then more and more water is being produced with no means of escape.  The result is water overflowing into your home.

This is why some form of overflow protection is important for your Home Comfort System.


Two Types of Protection

Wet Switch

A wet switch is hard wired to your Air Conditioning system and placed in the overflow pan.  When the pan becomes filled with water, it will shut down the Air Conditioner so additional condensation cannot be formed and overflow the pan.  The Wet Switch will actively shut down the Air Conditioner.  This is great for people who have their Air Conditioners on a schedule and leave it running when they are not at home.  When the Air Conditioner shuts off, you just have to inspect the overflow pan and see if there is a problem with your AC system.

EZ Trap

An EZ Trap is installed directly to the primary drain line.  Inside the Trap is a float, when the float is engaged power will be cut off to the Air Conditioner turning the unit off.  When the water drains, the float will go back into position allowing the Air Conditioner to turn back on.


We recommend installing both types of protection, so that if one fails the other is in place to protect you.  Have one of our technicians evaluate your system when they perform your annual tune up.

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