April Showers Bring…Flooded Basements


Basement flooding is an all too common problem for New Jersey.  According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, more than 60 percent of American homes have wet basements.  Therefore, it is important to guard your home from flooding.  A cost effective way to guard against flooding is installing a sump pump to the lowest part of your basement or crawlspace.

Secondary Sump Pumps

While you may feel protected with your sump pump installed, it is HIGHLY recommended that you get a secondary pump.  In the event your primary pump fails, the secondary will take over.

While it may be slightly more expensive (approximately $200 more), the protection this second pump offers is priceless.  If you have a finished basement, flooding could cost you thousands.  If you are storing family valuables in the basement their value is more intrinsic than financial.


Tips for Purchasing a Sump Pump

  • Submersible pump over a pedestal pump – When installing a submersible pump you can cover the basin with a lid.  This will reduce the noise and prevent debris from getting into the pump.
  • Cast iron core over plastic ones – Sump pump with cast iron cores have longer life spans.
  • Mechanical switch over pressure switch – The float should be solid so it can’t get waterlogged.


Bloomfield Cooling recommends that you have a professional install your sump pump.  This video from This Old House is really informative on the installation process for sump pumps.


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