A Humidifier saved my life…


humidifier_mod600_detailOk, that may be a little dramatic; a humidifier did not run in front of a speeding train for me, but it did relieve a whole host of winter problems.  Take a look at these Common Winter Ailments that can be solved by getting a humidifier:

  1. “Cotton Mouth” mornings – Do you ever wake up feeling like you mouth and throat are dry?  A humidifier will add moisture to the air.  This means that as you breathe at night your throat and nasal passages stay moist, relieving this dry feeling.
  2. Snoring – Sick of sleeping with a hibernating bear?  Humidity in the air can moisten your own or loved ones respiratory passages leading to a less intense and quiet snorer in your home.
  3. Static Electricity – By raising the humidity level in the air you can reduce the amount of static electricity from your home.  No more frizzy hair, tousled clothes or accidental shocks from doorknobs.
  4. Dry Skin – Humidity will relieve itchy dry skin.  It will also help your lips from cracking.
  5. Sinusitis – when the air is too dry, sinuses can become irritated.  By adding humidity, your sinuses will function and drain properly.
  6. Nosebleeds – When nasal passages are dried out, nosebleeds can happen frequently.
  7. Home Repairs – Wallpaper peeling, wooden floor cracks and wooden furniture cracks can be costly repairs for homeowners.  They are also all symptoms of not enough humidity in your home.
  8. Air feels chilly – When air humidity is lower, your body moisture evaporates quickly.  This same principal helps on a hot day, but can quickly hurt your wallet, when you are constantly turning up the heat to overcompensate.
  9. Your brown thumb, just might be lack of moisture for your plants – Do all your plants leaves turn brown?  This may not be your brown thumb rearing its ugly head again.   Many indoor plants require moisture in the air to survive so watering more often may cause root rot and death.


Not convinced you need a humidifier, here is a simple test to determine if you have enough humidity in your home.  Place three ice cubes into a glass, add water and stir; then leave the kitchen (the kitchen will give you false results due to cooking vapors).  Wait three minutes.  If moisture does not form on the glass, the air is too dry.

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