Meet Anthony Brown, Lead HVAC Installer


Meet Anthony Brown, Lead HVAC Installer

Anthony joined the team at Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric in April 2021 as a lead HVAC technician, servicing existing HVAC systems. It didn’t take him long to distinguish himself as a tech and today he is a lead HVAC installer. In this role, he runs the job sites he is assigned to, assuring the installation project goes according to the plan laid out by our general manager, Jack Lamb.

As lead installer, Anthony is the contact person between technicians, our customers, and our office. He is responsible for each project’s success that he leads, and troubleshoots any installation issues that may arise. HVAC installations may be for new construction, new installations where the property did not have central air conditioning or a different heating system, or an HVAC upgrade. He works alongside a team of two or three installers and provides critical on-the-job training for his teams so that, in his words, they can also advance to a lead technician status.

He said he enjoys HVAC installations because he likes working with his hands; he likens installations to building. And, he notes, a job well done is always the goal.

“Although most customers won’t know how the HVAC system works, they know when it looks good and functions properly. That’s why I tell my installation teams to pretend each project is their own; when you treat it that way, you get satisfied customers and good reviews.”

He noted that the culture of team appreciation and professional development at Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric stands out from experience he had with other HVAC contractors.

“There are lots of learning opportunities here and room for advancement. I know what we go through as helpers, trying to excel and advance in this career,” said Anthony. “Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric provides an excellent career path for people in the HVAC industry and I’m proud to play some part in that, having benefited from it myself.”

Anthony is also on rotation with our service team which aligns with advice he got when he was hired by our president and founder, Michael DeJoseph.

“Mike told me that to be a good service technician, you must be a good installer. I’m looking forward to furthering my career here as I get experience in HVAC service.”

Anthony shared that being named Best HVAC Contractor again in the 2022 Best of Essex Readers’ Choice Awards “was pretty big! We are very proud of our work here.”

When asked if he has any advice for people who are thinking about a career in HVAC, he says, “The earlier the better. Jump into it and soak it all up so you can get ahead at a young age. It’s a good industry to be in because you’ll always have a job wherever you go.”

At Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric, we’re glad Anthony Brown is on the job here!


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