Meet Andrew Chao, Electrician


Meet Andrew Chao, Electrician

Andrew Chao, Electrician - Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & ElectricAndrew Chao has been doing electrical and HVAC work since his teens, getting valuable on-the-job training from his father who is in the business. When it was time to branch out, Andrew interviewed with our president, Mike DeJoseph, and joined Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric in March 2021.

“Mike was 100% honest and straightforward which I liked, and I saw there would be many opportunities to learn and progress as an electrician here,” said Andrew, who loves to learn. After high school, he took night classes at a local college to build his knowledge base and worked at a solar panel company, where he did the wiring for solar panel installations.

“The more projects I worked on, the more interested I became in all aspects of electrical work,” explained Andrew. “Part of what I love about electrical work is that there is always something new to learn and master. The new technology that’s been introduced in the last couple of years, such as smart devices that are hardwired into homes, is a good example of that.”

At Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric, Andrew serves as the lead electrician on our home standby generator installations and wires all the new HVAC systems we install or replace in our customers’ homes and business locations. He also performs electrical services on many residential projects such as wiring for new light fixtures and fans, landscape lighting, upgrading electrical panels, and installing new electrical service for home additions.

Another project he enjoys is doing electrical wiring “rough-ins” on home construction projects—pulling all the electrical cables throughout the site and placing all the boxes for receptacles, switches, and outlets.

In his prior job experience, Andrew had been exposed to all the trades, including HVAC, so he finds that being on our team is a great fit for him professionally. “Doing electrical work on HVAC systems means I get to do what I love while also learning more about heating and cooling systems at the same time.”

He also appreciates the opportunities for professional development we provide. “My goal is to become a licensed electrician, which I’m working on now thanks to the online learning (general manager) Jack Lamb set up with a large electrical distributor. I’m earning credits I can apply toward certification and licensure. I really appreciate Jack for getting me on those calls and helping me further my career.”

Andrew noted that being on our team also has paid off socially. “Everyone here is awesome. The guys on the job sites are great; we all work well together and like to go out after work.”

We’re looking forward to many more job sites wired by Andrew in the future!


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