Meet Jack Lamb


Meet Jack Lamb
General Manager

Jack Lamb had worked as an electrician for several years before starting at Bloomfield Cooling and Heating (as it was called back then) in 2000. He started with us as a full-time electrician, which gave owner and president Mike DeJoseph the opportunity to expand the business by forming a separate division, Nutley Electric. Jack ran our electrical division for approximately three years. (Nutley Electric was eventually folded into the company in 2005, at which time we became Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric, Inc.).

During that time, Jack started doing some HVAC service work and system installations, learning that side of the business. At one point he was the install manager for our HVAC side. He owes his knowledge of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation, as well as his professional development in the industry to Mike.

“Mike has always looked out for me and gave me many opportunities at the company,” said Jack.

Jack later moved over to run our service department and once he got that established and running smoothly, Daniel Acosta took over the service manager role. That was about eight years ago, when Jack became our general manager.

As our GM, Jack covers all aspects of our daily operations. He is the first to arrive (6:00 a.m.!) and makes sure all the day’s jobs are ready to go out, puts together the team worksheets for installations, reviews everything with the salesmen, orders materials—anything and everything related to running the business. He also goes out on service calls when needed to provide his insights about an HVAC issue.

When asked about what’s kept him at Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric for so many years, Jack replied that, “I like the different challenges of designing HVAC systems and devising cost-effective solutions that other HVAC companies cannot come up with or overlook. I really enjoy the problem-solving side of the business. Sometimes, it’s the simplest resolution that’s needed—not the most expensive.”

As an example, homeowners come to Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric complaining that their existing system isn’t cooling the house properly, or some rooms are too hot, even though their HVAC system is relatively young and has years to go before reaching the end of its recommended life span. Rather than tell the homeowner they must replace the whole system right away, he will first check if the original HVAC contractor installed the correct-size system. If so, he will suggest much less expensive options than a full replacement, such as adjustments to the fan or adding a ductless unit in certain spaces. This saves the customer thousands of dollars they might not need to spend right away.

“I have found it is always worth it in the long run to be honest and transparent about an HVAC issue and the solution,” said Jack. “When we present honest workarounds to their problems that save them time and money now, they’ll remember us later when it really is time to install a new system or get a service contract for maintenance and repairs.”

Jack said he also enjoys mentoring the staff and passing on his knowledge to our service technicians and installers.

“We have a great team here and everyone is dedicated to doing their best job for our customers. It’s the philosophy that Mike DeJoseph has fostered here at Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric and I look forward to carrying on that tradition for many years to come.”


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