Spotlight on . . . Hytham Mohamed


Spotlight on . . . Hytham Mohamed

HVAC technician

Hytham Mohamed - HVAC Technician at Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & ElectricHytham Mohamed joined Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric in September of this year but in just three months, he’s made a huge positive impression on our customers. Everyone whose system Hytham services lets us know how great the experience was.

Hytham earned his HVAC certificate from Lincoln Tech and has been in the field for five years. He joined our team after working for several other contractors in northern NJ. When asked about why he enjoys being an HVAC technician he says, “I like to stay busy, and with HVAC work there’s always activity. Plus, I have experience doing mechanical work in prior jobs and I enjoy doing a lot of ‘fix-it’ work around my house. This is a great fit for me.”

When he interviewed for a position with us, he spoke to Danny Acosta, our service manager. Hytham was impressed with Danny’s approach and the feeling he got about working at Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric.

“Danny was very nice and I felt the whole team is honest, that everyone is very nice and the company treats people well. I was right; the feeling here is like family. I’ve worked for corporations where the feeling is not the same. Here, people care about each other. And I like our customers, too.”

Our customers return that positive feeling! Many have been providing us with glowing reviews about their experience having Hytham as their technician for their routine fall maintenance and other service calls. He is noted consistently for being thorough, showing customers how to operate their equipment, reminding them of the importance of cleaning the filters (and showing them how to remove and reinsert them for cleaning), and clearing debris from HVAC units to leave them cleaner than when he arrived.

When asked further about why he likes working at Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric, Hytham pointed to our leadership as a big plus beyond the camaraderie he feels among his coworkers.

“Our general manager Jack is amazing and our service manager is excellent. If I need something, Danny helps me out without delay. There’s a lot of support here.”

We’re delighted that Hytham chose Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric and look forward to receiving many more glowing reviews about his work!


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