Carrier Launches Two-Stage Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps with InteliSense™ Technology


Carrier Launches Two-Stage Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps with InteliSense™ Technology

Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric - Carrier Launches Two-Stage Air Conditioners and Heat PumpsLast summer we told you about a new line of HVAC equipment from Carrier with InteliSense™ Technology. This month, we are excited to announce these latest additions to the high-quality Carrier line of HVAC equipment with InteliSense: Performance™ Series heat pumps and two-stage air conditioners (the Performance Series 17). These units will be available starting in March and we are setting up appointments for installations.

What is InteliSense technology?

This is Carrier’s “smart” tech that uses the ecobee for Carrier thermostat.

We install sensors inside the outdoor air conditioner or heat pump unit and the indoor furnace or fan coil unit. The sensors send data to the ecobee and from there, it is transmitted to the secure Carrier cloud.

With your permission to share this data and provide remote access, we can use Carrier’s digital tools to assess your equipment’s overall health and performance. This visibility enables the Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric team to diagnose and troubleshoot certain issues more quickly. Knowing what’s happening in real time means we will send a technician with the right part without undue delay—resulting in less downtime for maintenance or repair.

The ecobee can be controlled remotely by you via the app on your smartphone or tablet; this also helps your system maintain better energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs. Another bonus: InteliSense Technology-enabled products come with industry-leading warranties—10 years (with timely registration) for Performance Series indoor and outdoor equipment and five years for ecobee for Carrier Smart Thermostats.

Two-stage air conditioners with InteliSense

Carrier gives us many reasons to be so proud to be an authorized Carrier dealer and installer, including this latest air conditioner—the Performance 17 model. The benefit of this two-stage air conditioner is that it can operate on low stage up to 80% of the time; this keeps indoor airflow and temperatures even and consistent, while also adding humidity control. The result is greater comfort and reduced energy use compared to standard systems.

This unit is super quiet and delivers precision humidity management to enhance your indoor air quality and your family’s comfort. It has a 17 SEER2 rating to also boost energy savings. (SEER ratings are a measure of energy efficiency.) And with InteliSense technology installed, we’ll know if your new AC equipment is working as expected and can address any operational issues efficiently.

Heat pumps with InteliSense

Heat pumps are great energy-efficient inventions that provide versatile heating, cooling, and humidity control. They work by moving heat outside your home in the summer and pulling heat into your home in the winter. In some areas of the country where temperatures typically stay above or near freezing in the winter, a heat pump can handle home heating and cooling, In the North Jersey area we serve, we install many mini split ductless systems, which fall under the air source heat pump category. If you are thinking of installing a heat pump in your primary residence or a vacation home, you can now get one with InteliSense technology.

Contact Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric for new Carrier equipment with InteliSense technology

It’s always a great time to install new Carrier equipment … and in April, Carrier will roll out its Cool Cash Rebate program, enabling you to save on qualified systems. Contact our office at 973-237-0505 to find out how the Performance 17 air conditioner or a Performance Series heat pump, equipped with InteliSense Technology, can bring energy efficiency, lower energy bills, and better performance monitoring to your home or small business.


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