Carrier’s InteliSense™ Technology is Rolling Out for the Performance Line of HVAC Equipment


Carrier’s InteliSense™ Technology is Rolling Out for the Performance Line of HVAC Equipment

Carrier InteliSense™ Technology at Bloomfield Cooling, Healing and ElectricAt Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric, we’re proud to be an authorized Carrier dealer and installer. And we have a new reason for this coming in September: InteliSense™ smart technology that will be available for Carrier’s Performance™ series HVAC equipment.

This technology is an innovative, smarter technology that allows our technicians (with our customers’ permission, of course) to remotely view the ecobee smart thermostat, using digital tools. InteliSense enables us to monitor your central air conditioning and heat pump performance. We get alerts about your system’s operational health to troubleshoot and diagnose issues more quickly and accurately.

Best of all, there is no monthly fee for the monitoring. And now it’s available in the Performance series.

Benefits of InteliSense
– Proactive monitoring
– Faster service
– The right parts, the first time

The connected technology will collect readings through the ecobee on liquid line and suction line pressure and temperature, certain fault codes, and outdoor temperature. InteliSense sends the data over the internet and using Carrier’s digital tools, we can see if your system is operating as expected. We know when your system has an issue—and what the problem is. We’ll get a service technician to your home sooner and with the right parts, which cuts down on repeat visits or wait times for parts.

How it works
We connect your HVAC system with a Wi-Fi-enabled ecobee thermostat and install sensors in the indoor unit, outdoor unit, and ductwork. We’ll then ask you to enable data-sharing permissions.

We can then analyze the data remotely to better gauge your system’s performance—and know when to contact you for service. Our technicians will resolve your problem efficiently, equipped with the right parts the first time. Everyone wins!

The connection hub: ecobee for Carrier smart thermostats
These little dynamos have user-friendly interface that guides you through the capabilities menus and temperature adjustments and heating/cooling schedules, including away times for better energy efficiency. The ecobee optimizes your whole-house humidifier’s performance and offers remote access through a smartphone, tablet, Apple device, or computer. And it automatically runs the fan at the end of a heating or cooling cycle to maximize your system’s delivery. All that, while also collecting and sending your Performance system’s data.

Contact Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric About Carrier’s Performance Series with InteliSense
This system will be available in September 2023, so now is the perfect time to get on our installation schedule. Call our office at (973) 237-0505 for an appointment or for more information.


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