Common Problems With Your Central Air Conditioner


Common Problems With Your Central Air Conditioner
Which Can You Fix on Your Own and Which Require a Service Call?

Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric Air Conditioning TipsIs your central air conditioner acting wonky? Is it struggling to keep your house cool or not working at all? In this article, we share some common problems to look for and address to get your system working again.

If you’re a DIY type of person, you can probably handle some of these on your own; however, some of these air conditioning problems require a service call to a professional HVAC contractor with licensed technicians, like Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric.

  1. Dirty filters – if our technicians have not done routine seasonal maintenance on your system, chances are the air filters are dirty or clogged and must be cleaned or replaced. If you are inserting new air filters, make sure the arrows are pointing toward the unit in the direction of the airflow.

    TIP: Our technicians replace the air filters as part of our routine fall and spring HVAC maintenance, and homeowners can remove and clean the filters in between these appointments.

  2. The thermostat isn’t working properly – check the batteries and replace them if needed; if you have a Google Nest device without a common wire, see if it needs to be recharged.
  3. Dirty condenser – this is the outdoor unit and dust will restrict the airflow, lowering performance and possibly causing the condenser fan motor to burn out. Hose off the sides, especially after mowing the lawn and if the weather has been very dry. If the condenser is located near a dryer vent, this is especially important.
  4. Vents are blocked or closed—open them up, as restricted airflow will cause major problems for your HVAC system. Closed or blocked vents cause air pressure to build up in the ductwork, which can damage your equipment or shut down your system.
  5. Ice is forming on the lines outside – this may be due to inadequate airflow from clogged air filters or obstructed air ducts. These problems cause the coils to get too cold and freeze the moisture in the air; this in turn forms ice crystals and requires a service call to fix.
  6. Water is draining from a different area over the gutter – clogged filters or issues with ductwork insulation can cause problems with the condensate pipe or pump, which lead to a leaking HVAC system. Chances are, the repair must be done by a certified HVAC professional.
  7. The air conditioning unit is short cycling – if the unit is turning on and off more than it normally does, the air conditioner is not properly completely a full cooling cycle. Check the air filters and the condenser coil (as noted above, they must be clean for the system to work properly). However, defective, broken, or worn-out components are often the culprits and that requires a service call to your HVAC contractor.
  8. Condenser is not level – the condenser must be releveled or it will cause premature compressor burnout due to uneven motor lubrication or grinding of motor parts.
  9. The humidifier damper is not closed (in the summer position) on combination furnace/AC systems – this will cause warm air to bypass the cooling coil, leading to low air conditioner performance.
  10. Power surges – more electric appliances and vehicle chargers are putting greater demand on the power grid, which struggles to meet that demand during heat waves and high air conditioner use. Installing whole-house surge protectors will protect your HVAC equipment’s costly, sensitive circuit boards and kitchen appliances like the refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher. At Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric, we have licensed electricians who can install these for you.

Routine HVAC maintenance will prevent these costly issues from happening. Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric’s discount special on spring maintenance is good through July 31 (save $50 on each unit) and a Comfort Club service agreement will ensure you always get prompt service from our certified HVAC technicians if a problem arises with your central air conditioner. We have Comfort Club memberships for AC and forced hot air systems as well. Every plan saves you money on the typical fees for emergency service calls, you get priority scheduling for troubleshooting and repairs and regularly scheduled routine tune-ups.

Call our office today for your maintenance visit or more information about our service agreements at (973) 237-0505.

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