Mini-Split HVAC Systems Solve Cooling and Heating Issues in Unusual Spaces


Mini-Split HVAC Systems Solve Cooling and Heating Issues in Unusual Spaces

Mini-Split HVAC - Bloomfield Cooling, Heating and ElectricWe’ve written before about how ductless HVAC (or mini-split) systems are excellent solutions for heating and cooling older homes in which running ductwork would not be recommended (ruining very old plaster walls or trying to run all the ductwork and electrical wiring needed through a historic home that lacks adequate closet space or a basement). These ductless systems, which mount on the wall, are found in rooms that are infrequently used (such as a guest room) or in rooms that are hard to heat or cool, as a supplemental source of indoor air comfort.

These flexible, energy-efficient systems are also great HVAC solutions for unusual spaces in your home that don’t require full-time heating and cooling. Think of:

  • The DIY enthusiast who has converted the garage into a woodworking shop
  • A serious hobbyist whose attic now houses an art or craft studio
  • The attic that been turned into a private office, bedroom, or personal getaway space
  • A basement room that has been transformed into a “man cave,” home office, or playroom but is only used a certain times during the week
  • The new media room that is built above the garage
  • An addition that is usually closed off and used for specific holiday entertaining or as guest space
  • An enclosed porch that is used year-round
  • A seasonal vacation home that lacks or does not need central air conditioning

These spaces only need heating or cooling on demand, apart from the rest of the home—and the hyper-zoned mini-split system is ideal for that.

Benefits of ductless HVAC systems

  1. The installation is much faster than putting in an central HVAC system (no ductwork to run) – often just one day.
  2. Ductless systems mount on a wall or can be suspended from the ceiling, with a low profile.
  3. These systems are energy efficient, using a two-way heat pump to distribute the warm or cool air. And because they are zoned to a specific space, energy bills don’t take a big hit.
  4. They don’t cycle on and off; the variable speed compressors use inverter technology to constantly match the heating or cooling load. That also means more regulated, even temperatures in the spaces.
  5. A remote control programs the desired temperature for day and nighttime settings.
  6. Up to eight units can run off one compressor.

Read more about benefits and how they work in this blog post.

Commercial applications for mini-split heating and cooling
Although many commercial locations have central air conditioning and heating installed, there are reasons why a business owner or landlord may want to install a mini-split system.

For example:

  • Small offices or professional practices may need supplemental air conditioning or heating.
  • Restaurants with banquet rooms or other specialty spaces that are not used every day (such as a bridal suite, cigar bar, or wine room) would benefit from installing a system in those spaces—without ripping out walls.
  • Mechanic shops and other trades workshops are often cold and drafty or get too warm because they are not well heated or cooled. A mini-split system is an excellent alternative to traditional heat pumps and will keep workers comfortable year ’round.
  • Break rooms at factories may lack efficient climate control due to how the existing system is laid out—especially if these employee areas are add-ons to the building.
  • Warehouses can be notoriously chilly in cold weather.
  • Fitness rooms, locker rooms, movie and game rooms, and other amenity spaces in multi-family communities or country clubs may need a heating or cooling boost throughout the year.

At Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric, we are a Carrier authorized factory dealer and install Carrier ductless systems, one of the best in the business. Our professionals can explain how these systems work in more detail. To find out more, contact us at or (973) 237-0505 to set up a free consultation.


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