Not Cool: What to do if Your Air Conditioning Unit is Blowing Warm Air


Not Cool: What to do if Your Air Conditioning Unit is Blowing Warm Air

In North Jersey, we’re getting close to air conditioning season—not the time to turn on the AC and have it blow warm air.

If you’ve already had your routine spring maintenance done, you’re in good shape for the warm months ahead—air filters are cleaned, compressor coils checked, the outside unit is clear of debris, and fan motors, switches and gauges are in good working order. However, if you still haven’t had your HVAC system checked or trouble occurs, there are many reasons why your central air conditioning unit is blowing warm air. Some are more obvious or easy to rectify; others may require repair or parts replacements. Here are common causes for your AC blowing warm.

  1. Check your thermostat setting
    Given how erratic outdoor temperatures have been in our area, it’s easy to overlook this, so make sure the thermostat is set to “cool” before you call us for service. While you’re at it, see if the thermostat is set to “auto” or “on.” “Auto” will ensure the air conditioning system will come on when it really needs to cool the space; “on” keeps the fan blowing even when the outside unit isn’t running.
  2. Low refrigerant
    Your service technician will check refrigerant levels and inform you of remedial steps to take, such as a refrigerant charge. However, in some cases, it might be time to replace an older AC unit due to EPA regulations regarding R-22.
  3. Restricted airflow
    Not enough cool air is coming out of the vents. This is often due to the air filter not being replaced on time (a routine part of your seasonal maintenance), or dirty AC coils. If not addressed, this could cause your outside unit to freeze up.
  4. Fuse or circuit breaker problems = no electrical service
    If your outside unit isn’t getting power, your air conditioning system won’t run, even when the fan (powered by the indoor unit) is going. This sounds obvious but check your circuit breaker panel to make sure power is not disrupted. If there is a persistent electrical problem, Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric can send a licensed electrician over to fix it.
  5. Broken or disconnected return duct
    This will pull unconditioned (warm) air from outdoors or the attic. This will need an HVAC professional’s help.

Our licensed, certified technicians perform a thorough seasonal maintenance check and will troubleshoot issues with your air conditioning system. They’ll provide a diagnostic report with recommendations for repairs or, in the case of older systems, it might be time for an AC replacement. If that’s the case, we’ll take careful measurements of your spaces so that the unit we recommend is the correct size, with the best energy efficiency, for your cooling needs.

UV light to improve indoor air quality
As part of our full HVAC services, we install specialty devices to improve your indoor air quality—especially important with concerns about the novel coronavirus still very much with us. The issue of airborne microbes, contaminants, and allergens is front and center for hospitals across the country. Many are using ultraviolet (UV) lights to disinfect rooms and the air supply against viruses; you can do the same in your home’s HVAC system with our Platinum UV—a whole-house germicidal UV light. Ask us about this and other devices we install to make your home’s air quality safer and cleaner.


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