Spring and Allergens are in the Air: Time for Spring Maintenance on Your HVAC System


Spring and Allergens are in the Air: Time for Spring Maintenance on Your HVAC System

The temperatures are slowly warming up in northern New Jersey and with that comes spring tune-up season for your central heating and air conditioning system. If you have a central HVAC system, spring and fall tune-ups are a fundamental part of the routine maintenance needed to keep your system running as it should—and for discovering issues that require attention before they cause breakdowns.

The importance of spring maintenance
We can’t control the outdoor air quality, but we can enhance your indoor air quality with a semi-annual maintenance call. Our certified technicians will thoroughly inspect your system and inform you of any problems they detect; they’ll also provide you with an estimate for doing the work necessary to repair or remediate the issue. As part of the spring maintenance call, our workers will: check the refrigerant charge, change air filters, blow out the drain systems, and clean the condenser coil. These steps will help keep your system running properly protect your investment in your system.

To further help in that investment protection, we offer several Comfort Club memberships to cover your air conditioning maintenance, with service reminders, extended warranties, and discounts on repairs.

Additional protection against airborne toxins and allergens
Given the major concerns about Covid-19 virus (coronavirus) and with so people being hard hit by the flu, it’s ever-more important to maintain optimal indoor air quality. Plus, pollen season is coming and with it, misery for seasonal allergy sufferers. Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric has the antidote: the REME HALO™ in-duct air purifier, a device that is certified to kill viruses, and other airborne toxins and allergens.

Your HVAC system can actually help protect you and your family against airborne viruses, allergens, dust, and mold with the REME HALO. The device works proactively to break down contaminants in the air upon contact, purifying every cubic inch of air from your central air conditioning system to rid it of pollutants, microbes, and gases.

Call our office today at 973-237-0505 to arrange your spring maintenance appointment and ask about the REME HALO for your central HVAC system. We invite you to follow us on Facebook as well, for additional tips and information about all things heating, cooling, and electric.


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