Home Standby Generators Keep Power on When the Grid Falters


Home Standby Generators Keep Power on When the Grid Falters

America’s power grid is aging, and wind- and solar-powered electricity can be unreliable based on the weather—or be unable to produce enough electricity to power an entire region of the U.S. After all, man cannot control the amount of wind or sunshine available to generate carbon-free power and metropolitan areas are already at full capacity, unable to get more juice generated or delivered.

The country needs more transmission lines to get the power where it’s needed. Wind and solar are not ample enough currently to fully fuel the needs of a changing energy market. And renewable energy “farms” are not always welcome by area residents where installations are proposed.

More people are working from home, requiring more power to residential areas than ever before. The move to more electric vehicles is an added burden. Fleet-sized charging stations are straining an outdated power infrastructure that is already struggling to withstand powerful storms and extreme temperatures (both cold snaps and heat waves). One study states that national investment of upwards of $125 billion in the power grid infrastructure will be needed to handle electric vehicles adequately by 2030.

What does all this mean for homeowners? Electricity supplied to our homes is becoming less reliable due to the growing demand. We only need to look at the widespread blackouts in California, Texas and Louisiana, and utility companies’ requests that consumers cut back on their energy use during seasons of extremes, to understand the stresses our electric grid is under. Power companies are instituting rolling blackouts and delivering less power to homes because of output deficits. This will affect appliances and devices that rely on a steady flow of electricity.

The importance of generators to power homes

Now more than ever, home standby generators are playing a key role in keep our homes powered—especially important for those who are working from home and now drawing more power all day. It’s hard to get on that Zoom call or send over the files when the electricity has failed or is spotty, affecting the computer. And no one wants to work by candlelight!

At Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric, we are proud to install and service Generac backup generators—leaders in the field of home backup power. These permanently installed units protect your home from power outages, delivering power directly to your home’s electrical system automatically. Generac’s standby home generators run on natural gas or liquid propane, and are installed outside, just like a central air conditioning unit.

Our technician will assess your needs and recommend the specific generator size to service your home. We perform the semi-annual oil changes and routine maintenance on home standby generators and provide guidance for homeowners about the unit’s monthly self-tests and simple maintenance tasks.

Right now, Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric is running generator maintenance special. It’s the perfect time to handle this important checkup before harsh weather arrives and take advantage of the savings. We also offer a Generator Club maintenance plan that ensures your generator checkup is scheduled on time and that in the event of an emergency, you get priority attention. It includes two scheduled maintenance calls a year and one free diagnostic fee by one of our Generac certified technicians.

If you’re planning to get an electric vehicle, you’ll need to also plan for that energy consumption for charging, and have the proper charging outlet installed. Thanks to the “electric” in our company name, our licensed electricians can perform all your home electrical needs—like installing that new home charging station outlet.

Contact Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric for a free consultation about a high-quality, highly reliable Generac home standby generator. Call 973-237-0505 or email info@bloomfieldcooling.com for your appointment.

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