Meet Lori Rivera


Meet Lori Rivera
Customer Relations Manager

Since 2009, customers of Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric, Inc. have been fortunate to speak to Lori Rivera to schedule their appointments or manage their service agreements. And we all benefit from the way she handles customer calls and office workflow.

Lori started with us part time when her three girls were young, coordinating the schedules for routine maintenance calls and HVAC emergencies. Today, as our full-time customer relations manager, she remains the friendly, helpful voice on the phone our customers rely on for scheduling and renewal reminders about service agreements (our Comfort Club program). She keeps things moving smoothly in our office as well.

“We have many long-time customers with whom I’m on a first-name basis at this point,” said Lori. “Sometimes after we handle the business part of a phone call, we stay for a few minutes on to chat about life!”

Her daily activities include managing the Comfort Club database to make sure customers receive priority scheduling for their semi-annual routine HVAC maintenance appointments. She runs a report every spring and fall and makes reminder calls to get renewals handled on time for the seasonal rush. She’s also the first person people speak to when they call our office with questions about their HVAC systems, and works closely with our service manager, Daniel Acosta, to ensure our customer service always meets our high standards.

“I work every day with Danny and the service department to make sure customers’ needs are being expedited and the proper parts are ordered,” Lori said. “We review the prior day’s service tickets with the technicians’ recommendations; I then call customers with price quotes on the recommended repairs and do follow-up calls about our maintenance visits.”

Lori notes that the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in general have made it tough not only for businesses but for customers as well. She said customers don’t always understand why it takes longer than usual to get parts (which is out of our control). However, she handles their frustrations and concerns with her trademark diplomacy and tact.

“Communication is so important in this job to build that trust. I tell people that as a consumer myself, I understand their impatience about the lag times. My goal is to always let them know we are doing our best to meet their expectations and to solve their service issues as quickly as possible. I truly enjoy working with people and always treat them the way I want to be treated, whether it’s our team here or our customers. Everyone at Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric is a ‘people person’ and our family atmosphere makes it such a great place to work.”

Next time you call us to set up your HVAC system’s routine maintenance or need a price quote, you’re likely to get Lori on the phone. You’ll get right away how she puts the “relations” into her position here!


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