Filters and Air Purifiers Spring-Clean Your HVAC System


Filters and Air Purifiers Spring-Clean Your HVAC System

Spring-Clean Your HVAC System with Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & ElectricIt’s air conditioning startup season and at Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric, we’re busy scheduling routine maintenance appointments for our customers’ central air conditioners.

This is also the season for replacing filters and installing in-duct air purifiers in HVAC systems, especially for allergy sufferers.

HEPA filters
We use highly rated Merv 13 HEPA media filters as the standard when we install new HVAC systems or when we replace filters during our system tune-ups. These filters trap air particulates, pollutants, and dust as well as pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, as the air passes through your central air conditioning system (or furnace during heating season).

These HEPA filters ensure that as indoor air circulates through your system, that they capture all particulates. This is particularly helpful to people with seasonal and other allergies, as the filters will catch the pollen and dust, dander from pet fur, along with harmful mold spores and other irritants.

Our technician will check the condition of your system’s filters and assess if they should be cleaned (they can be washed and reused) or if they must be replaced. You can read more about Merv ratings and air filters here.

Air purifiers
A great way to boost your indoor air filtration is to install an air purifier such as the iWave or REME HALO. These devices, which are installed inside the HVAC ductwork, make together with the system’s air filters to boost their capability to filter out airborne particulates. This in turn keeps the system cleaner, which also enhances indoor air quality.

  • iWave uses a proprietary ionization technology to inactive airborne pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and mold. The iWave’s ion generators remove the hydrogen molecules that are the pathogens’ energy source, and the toxins die. With allergens, the ions attach to these particles, causing them to band together into large enough particles for your ventilation system’s air filter to capture them, creating cleaner indoor air. The iWave has no replacement parts to deal with and it is self-cleaning.
  • REME HALO at Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & ElectricREME HALO is installed in the HVAC system’s supply plenum. It purifies every cubic inch of air that your central air conditioning system reaches in your home via ionized hydrogen peroxide molecules. These molecules break down contaminants in the air upon contact. It also eliminates odors from cooking, dirty laundry, smelly pets, musty rooms, and mildew-ridden basements and attics. We offer $100 off the installed price of these two innovative devices; contact our office to make your appointment.

For more information about air filters and air purifiers we install, or to set up your spring routine maintenance appointment for your central air conditioner, call our office at 973-237-0505.


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