HVAC and Boiler Maintenance Plans That Provide Superior Service and Extend the Life of Your System


HVAC and Boiler Maintenance Plans That Provide Superior Service and Extend the Life of Your System

Why Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric’s Comfort Club Plans are Simply Better Than the Rest—and Save Homeowners Time and Money

Benefits of Our Comfort Club Maintenance Plans at Bloomfield Cooling, Heating and ElectricBloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric’s Comfort Club plans are comprehensive maintenance contracts to protect and maintain HVAC systems. There are plans for central air conditioning, forced hot air furnaces, mini splits, home standby generators, steam boilers, and hot water boilers.

We know what other local North Jersey HVAC contractors offer and what they consider good HVAC maintenance. We also know that other contractors don’t include the plusses that make our Comfort Club plans the better choice… and deliver a lot more for the money.

Our Comfort Club plans at a glance
Depending on your equipment and the plan or contract tier you select, our technicians will make sure that:

  • Your furnace, AC unit, or boiler is in full working order.
  • All major components are clean and functioning properly.
  • Any emerging issues are discovered and addressed before becoming an (avoidable) expensive repair.
  • Proper maintenance is being performed according to your system’s warranty.

This last point is especially important because if a part fails due to lack of maintenance or needed service, the manufacturer will not honor the warranty and you will end up paying for parts that would have been covered if within the warranty time frame. Check the fine print, it’s in there!

Look at it this way: your HVAC system is just like a car. If you don’t do periodic oil changes on schedule and check all the belts and filters (and replace those as needed), the engine will fail and you’re in for a pricey replacement that won’t be covered under the warranty. Why chance it?

Add years to your system’s life expectancy with a Comfort Club maintenance plan… and save time and money

As a Comfort Club member, your regular maintenance checks will be scheduled (with a friendly appointment reminder) and you have priority coverage for service calls if you are experiencing a problem. You’ll get discounts on repairs or diagnostic calls and extended warranties on parts that are repaired.

Our extensive system testing and checking are preventative in nature.

By fully testing your equipment during each maintenance call:

  • Our service technicians check and evaluate the components that experience the highest level of wear and tear to avoid total part failure.
  • This helps prevent unexpected breakdowns and more expensive repairs by finding the parts that need immediate service.
  • Our technicians will alert you to any part that is close to failure, provide you with an estimate for repair or replacement, and have our office staff set up the appointment for you.
  • You’ll always get an honest assessment of your system’s condition and its components. Unlike other companies, we never exaggerate a unit’s condition or insist you replace the whole HVAC system when the problem might be just one part.

All this saves you money in the long run since the parts might cost more (often much more) later, along with fees for emergency service calls. As noted above, if you do have an emergency with your heating or air conditioning, as a Comfort Club member you get priority scheduling for troubleshooting and repairs.

Don’t skimp now and pay more later
At Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric, we never skimp on HVAC system testing and maintenance. You know the expression, “You get what you pay for?” It’s so true when it comes to HVAC maintenance and service. Other companies may offer inexpensive maintenance visits but those are usually short—too short for a full system check. This will end up costing you more in the long run due to expensive repairs or parts replacements that weren’t caught during a thorough evaluation.

You can read about all our different Comfort Club plans and what we offer in each tier of service at the links on https://bloomfieldcooling.com/maintenance-plans/basic-information/. If you’d like to set up a routine maintenance visit for the fall or have any questions about our service contracts, call our office at (973) 237-0505 or email info@bloomfieldcooling.com.


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