Spotlight on . . . Cris Figuereo


Spotlight on . . . Cris Figuereo

Lead installer

Cris Figuereo - Lead Installer at Bloomfield Cooling, Heating and ElectricCris Figuereo is a triple threat. Not only is he an ace HVAC system installer—he is also an electrician and a plumber! He did his electrician training at a trade school and learned plumbing and HVAC work on the job in his native Dominican Republic. He began with ductless systems and has been doing HVAC work for nearly six years, expanding his knowledge as a technician and installer in California and New Jersey. Cris is currently attending an area trade school for HVAC certification and is participating in our online school as well.

Cris joined Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric 18 months ago (late winter 2022) and thanks to his leadership and technical skills, he was promoted to lead installer nine months ago. His potential was obvious from the moment we met him. In fact, as Cris tells it, “I sent out a lot of applications. Jack (our GM) called me for an interview and hired me the same day.”

That triple threat shows up in how Cris feels about his work with us. “I really like my job, working in HVAC, and working for Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric because it’s a mix of everything I enjoy—bringing together plumbing, electrical, and heating & cooling,” he said.

As for being part of our team, Cris added “I like the mood among the team; we’re like a little family here. Everyone is interested in learning something new and learning together.” As lead installer, part of his job is training his crew, which he enjoys doing as part of each installation project.

Our customers are also delighted that Cris is part of our team. He is often mentioned in the positive reviews we receive online; they acknowledge his professionalism and express appreciation that he takes the time to explain things after the system is installed. We appreciate Cris, too!


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